ABSINTHE ROSE is a Boston based band consisting of singer songwriter Kimbo Rose on acoustic guitar and vocals and a core rhythm section of well-seasoned Boston area music veterans. The band mixes different styles of music into their own blend of Folk with a strong DIY ethic and both personal and political subject matter! ABSINTHE ROSE is the musical brainchild of singer songwriter Kimbo Rose and was originally formed in 2008 as a solo acoustic project based out of the Medford and Ashland Oregon area. Sometimes accompanied by friends and fellow musicians Chari on Washboard, Ash on Violin, and Leah on Saw, Kimbo began performing regularly throughout the Southern Oregon for the next year or so before relocating to Boston in the spring of 2009! Soon after moving she self-released her debut CD entitled “Digging Ditches & Escaping Holes” on her newly formed DIY as it gets record label called SCREECH OWL RECORDS. This was a ten-track solo acoustic album of material she had been playing for years in Oregon and recorded in Boston soon after the move. In the spring of 2010 Kimbo Rose partnered up with Bill on Bass, Josh on Banjo, Nick on Electric Guitar and Rich on Drums and the band as you know it today was born!

 ABSINTHE ROSE recorded their debut EP entitled “Consistency Through Skepticism And Awareness” in 2010 and began playing out around the Boston area! Since then they have toured the US and played countless local shows. In the winter of 2012 they recorded their brand new full-length album entitled “The More That We Learn, The More We Learn That We’re Wrong” which was released in the spring of 2013! The rest is her story yet to be written!


Here’s what some of the critics have had to say about the band!


"The latest full-length from this grimy folk-punk band just dropped, bringing back to form a creaky and creepy genre that Boston has quietly made its own over the years. Absinthe Rose keeps the freight train strumming and chugging and adds the extra wallop of Kimbo Rose’s powerful vocals. She muscles through smoky verses with smoldering soul on creeping banjo-tinged ballads throughout the record. Patient listeners will find the momentum building toward the latter half of the record, when the band gradually morphs into a full-on punk powerhouse, plugging in gnarled electric guitars and Rose going into full-on metal howler mode calling for swift revolutions"



“Absinthe Rose starts the record with some quality and straight-forward acoustic/electric folk punk. It wouldn't be unfair to say that AR stick to the roots of Americana folk and go the extra mile by coating their sound with some punk/folk instrumentation. Yes this is definitely more country than punk. What makes it punk though is the mind-frame behind the whole music, which is totally DIY punk, of course. The band promotes 'DIY awareness and skepticism' with incendiary political lyrics, which many will love and sing to howling at the moon on their drunken or tea-soaked nights. If you like to find your punk somewhere at the outdoors, in an old house in the woods or by the railroad tracks next to empty sticky bottles, this is for you!” TAKE YOUR SHOT FANZINE OCT 2010 


“While some would describe them as folk-punk, they could just as easily be associated with the gothic Americana of O’Death and the Builders and the Butchers. It’s fantastic to be able to add a female-led band to the canon of this sub-genre that’s been bubbling in the indie underground for a decade now. Kimberly Rose delivers her vocals in a style all her own, but certainly influenced by PJ Harvey and Sharon Van Etten. Mixing acoustic and electric tracks, cow-poke folk and punky moan, this EP delivers an all-too-short snapshot of an indie band on the rise. (George Dow) THE NOISE MAR 2012


“Female-led band armed with banjo and acoustic guitars writes a charging blend of what I would call rawhide country punk. Backed by a strong and powerful rhythm section, the bass and drums are what catch my attention. The guitar and other string instruments add the texture and nuances that add the color to the music. After a few listens, I was moved and captivated!” (Donofthedead) RAZORCAKE #59


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